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Universal DB Components - migration between ADO dbGo, DBX dbExpress, FireDac, IB Interbase, ZEOS

Each database application usually use one type of database server (MS SQL, MySQL, Firebird...) and some type of Dataset component which support selected database type (dbGo, dbExpress, Interbase...). Migration of existing application to another database and/or component type is complicated and complex process because incompatibility in properties and functions of db components.

UDB components package has following content:

  • universal Connection component (TConnectionUDB) which has the same set of basic properties and functions for all supported Dataset types
  • universal Query component (TQueryUDB) which has the same set of basic properties and functions for all supported Dataset types
  • set of extended visual DB components (DBComboBox, DBListBox...) which contain internal dataset with SQL command connected through TConnectionUDB for loading of listed values directly from db without auxiliary Datasets on the form
The main advantages of using UDB components:
  • universal TConnectionUDB and TQueryUDB enormously simplify migration of application to another DB type
  • TQueryUDB provides many new functions which accelerate development (eg. translation of FieldLabel after opening)
  • visual DBComponents with internal SQL command bring clarity to forms without many auxiliary datasets and datasources

How it works

UDB component is not new huge database engine. It is only descendant of current Connections and Datasets but compiled always for one selected db type and extended by missing properties for that db type. So finally it has always similar interface for each dataset types and application can be recompiled for another dataset with minimum effort.

UDB package uses conditional compilation according required dataset types and now supports:

  • dbGO (TADOConnection and TADOQuery)
  • dbExpress (TSQLConnection and TSimpleDataset)
  • FireDac
  • Interbase (TIBDatabase and TIBQuery)
  • FIBPlus (TpFIBdatabase and TpFIBDataSet)
  • ZEOS (TZConnection and TZQuery)
Other db types can be added, please contact author.

See detailed help for installation of UDB package and using in application and try demo application for details.
Screenshot of UDB demo application:

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