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GroupBox with automatic alignment and resizing of controls

rGroupBox is descendant of standard GroupBox with many new properties and functions:

  • many new caption looks and possibilities (Alignment, Color, Font, Size)
  • new frame styles (FrameType, FrameColor, Width)
  • new background styles (Gradient, Picture)
  • minimize button and support function (MinMax button types and pictures, Animated changed)
  • very powerful functionality for automatic alignment and resizing of child controls according GroupBox size updated; it helps to create resizeable dialogs which use all possible space without any line of code - video see video example
  • support dropping of files to box
  • provide DesignTime dialog - double click to groupbox open design time dialog for setting of AutoresizeChild properties

Example of rGroupBox:
Different form size with auto aligned components. No custom code, alignment is provided by rGroupBox only:
groupbox groupbox
groupbox groupbox
Example of design time dialog:

See more examples in video: video Automatic alignment and resizing of child controls

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