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DB Dialogs and Actions - centralize database actions new

It helps you to create feature-rich database application very easily with few line of code.

Basic idea is simple:
  • there is set of actions, menus, toolbars and dialogs, which can be used on any form in application with any dataset or DBGrid
  • availability and visibility of this actions is dependent on properties of active grid and current state of dataset
  • all you need to do is to set rDBGrid properties in design time and set active rDBGrid in runtime

rDBAction is data module with set of universal actions, menus and toolbars. Each action calls universal procedure or show universal dialog for data of active DBGrid and Dataset, so everything works without line of your code!

Action provides following functions:

  • Searching, Sorting, Filtering, Exporting and Printing data
  • Batch update of selected records
  • Setting DBGrid and Columns properties including display format of data
  • all DataSet Edit functions (Add, Edit, Duplicate, Delete, Post, Cancel)

See detailed help how to use it or open documentation page

Example of universal menus and dialogs:

Universal toolbar for any form:


Universal PopupMenu, in design time you can easily choose which actions are available for each rDBGrid:


Universal database dialogs:

dbdlg_find dbdlg_sort dbdlg_filter dbdlg_fields dbdlg_props dbdlg_propscond dbdlg_export dbdlg_print dbdlg_printpreview dbdlg_batchupdate

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