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HTMLLabel & URLLabel with hyperlinks

HTML Label is enhanced Label components which can show formatted text according common HTML tags including hyperlinks, URL links and user defined links. HTMLLabel supports full word wrapping (including wrapping of formatted text and hypertext link) and flicker free refresh function.

Place HTMLLabel to form and set up Caption or CaptionStrings property, eventually set up another properties (Autosize and WordWrap, InnerSpace, ShowBeveled, ShowText3D). It's all. You can see the result in design time.

Example of HTMLLabel:

HTMLLabel is used in rdlg unit to produce universal dialogs with html formatted messages by one line of code:
dialog1 dialog2 dialog3 dialog4 dialog6
HTMLLabel is used in rTip unit to produce universal tip dialogs with html formatted messages by one line of code:

Supported HTML tags are:

  • formatting tags: <B>, </B>, <I>, </I>, <U>, </U>, <BIG>, </BIG>, <SMALL>, </SMALL>
  • font color tags: <COLOR=Red>, <COLOR=#00FF00>, </COLOR>, or <FONT COLOR=Red>, <FONT COLOR=#00FF00>, </FONT>,
  • background color tags: <BGCOLOR=Red>, <BGCOLOR=#00FF00>, </BGCOLOR>,
  • line break and tabulators: <BR>, <TAB> and <INDENT> defines left indent for wraped lines; <NOWORDWRAP> changes label properties WordWrap to false
  • anchor tag for opening any URL target (http:, mailto:, file:): <A HREF=target>highlighted text</A>
  • anchor tag for calling events: <A NAME=param>highlighted text</A>
  • tag for defining of parameters: <VAR>, </VAR>

URLLabel is standard Label component with support of URL hyperlinks (whole Caption is shown as link).

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