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rDBGrid MS - rDBGrid expansion with enhanced multi select support

rDBGrid MS extends powerful rDBGrid with multiselect functions.


  • property SelectedRowsFontColor define font color of selected rows
  • property SelectedRowsBkColor define background color of selected rows
  • property FixedColText.ShowCheckbox define showing of checkboxes in fixed column
  • show popup menu on fixed column with SelectAll, DeselectAll, Reverse, Delete selected items

Events and new functions:

  • support for range selection (Shift+Click)
  • property SelectByClickOnRow define whether row is selected by click on any cell (not just on fixed column)
  • event OnDeleteSelected can be used to user defined deletion function
  • event OnCanDeleteSelected can enable/disable delete function
  • improved bookmark list with many fixes (selection after sort, selection validation after filter change)
  • prepared functions for selection (IsActiveSelected, SelectActive, DeSelectActive, SelectAll, DeSelectAll, ReverseSelection) and to process selected records (GetScopeRecCount, ProcScopeRecords)

Use new property rBookmarks to work with selected records instead of SelectedRows property of the standard DBGrid which is not used in rDBGrid_MS.

Example of rDBGrid MS:

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