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DBComponents package

rDBComponents is sets of improved or new TDataControl components, contains:

  • DBEdit, DBMemo, DBMemoEx, DBCheckBox
  • DBListBox, DBComboBox, DBLookupListBox, DBLookupComboBox
  • DBCheckListBox, DBCheckListBoxEx
  • DBEditDate, DBDateTimePicker
  • DBImage, DBBlob
  • DBLabel, DBButton
  • DBRecSelection (combobox for selecting of active record)
  • DBColorLinkedComp (non visual component set color of DB components on the same form according color of linked DBGrid and selected record)

All of them provides following new functionality:

  • show BoundLabel in selected position and asterisk for mandatory fields, caption is read from DisplayLabel of associated field or can be set by user manually
  • change background color if dataset is not in editing mode (optional)
  • a lot of bugs of standard components are fixed
  • DBComboBox and DBLookupComboBox supports multicolumn drop down list with images and custom drawing updated
  • DBLookupComboBox supports quick text searching in all columns and can show multiple columns value of selected record in edit window new
  • rDBMemoEx supports syntax highlighting and possibility to edit text in independent window
  • rDBEditDate updated allows very quick and user friendly entering of date (shortcuts for current date, move to next day or month, possibility to enter day only or day+month with any separator), it still supports dropdown calendar as DateTimePicker
  • rDBDateTimePicker supports null value of date (show additional checkbox)
  • rDBImage introduces zoom with scrollbars, additional buttons for user friendly setting of zoom, possibility to show/edit picture in independent window, cut, copy, paste, save as file, load from file, JPEG+PNG support etc.
  • rDBBlob support loading and saving of any file from/to blob fields
  • rDBButton support standard database actions and change state according dataset state

Example of DBComponents:

See more examples in video:
video Using of DBComponents

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