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RTF Report, XML Report (DOCX Report and ODT Report)

RTF Report and XML Report generate printable TXT, RTF, DOCX or ODT documents with minimum effort.
It uses prepared template file in selected format with special TAGs and fill data into it instead of TAGs.
Result is again file in the same format but filled by data from variables, datasets etc.

Main benefits are:

  • template file is stand alone file independent on application
  • template file can be modified easily by any editor supporting TXT, RTF, DOCX, ODT format (e.g. MS Word, MS WordPad, OpenOffice, LibreOffice, Google Docs)
  • user can modify or add new types of report without changing of applications
  • result of report is again TXT, RTF, DOCX or ODT file which can be saved, printed out, converted to PDF etc.

RTF Report and XML Report provides following functionality:

  • multi dataset support (including master-detail functionality)
  • exporting data from one current record, from all records or from records according any conditions
  • exporting data from any type of field including graphic field with pictures in BMP and JPG format
  • generating BarCode image according Barcode value
  • calculation of dataset total values - Sum, Min, Max, Avg, Count, GrandTotals
  • calculation of any complex expression with +,-,*,/
  • other inline functions (i.e. IF, IIF, CASE, INFO...)

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