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HTML ListView with definable Icon size, new Item Object and custom drawing

rHTMLListView is enhanced ListView component with possibility to define item, icon and text size and looks including multiline HTML caption.
It also supports loading of items with pictures from directory according mask or from database.


  • Item size, margin, frame, background color
  • Image icon size, margin, frame, background color, automatic sizing of images
  • Caption size, margin, frame, background color, alignment
  • HTML caption and hint
  • Selected item frame and background color
  • User defined picture for undefined, not loaded or error items
  • Icon or List style

Events and new functions:

  • LoadFileList+LoadFileImages - add Items as file list from specified directory according file mask
  • LoadDBList+LoadDBImages - add Items as records from dataset
  • new extended Item object with definition of HTML Text, Hint, ID and user defined data
  • introduces events for getting items properties (font, background) and for custom drawing on active Item

Example of rHTMLListView:
listview1 listview2 listview3

New Options properties of rHTMLListView:

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