Delphi & C++ Builder components library
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Email support is included in price for all registered users but we are happy to help you before registration too.
Feel free to use google forum below or contact us directly to email address in case of any question or suggestion. Usually we respond in one working day.


Free updates for one year period from the purchase is included in the price.
All customers receive email with download link when new version is available (approx. twice per year). We use your email from the payment form (BMT or PayPal) but let us know if you like to change contact email. After one year period we offer update with 50% discount for all customers.


There are following sources:

  • each component has own web page with basic description of properties and functions and with link to online documentation page
  • Documentation directory in the downloaded package contains list of properties and functions with detailed description, open file index.html to show main page with list of units and components hierarchy
  • demos with examples of using of all components - see download page


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Phone: (+420) 606 746 325

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Feedback from our customers
Your component set is so brilliant that I wish I had started my current application with them only. Johan
The DBGrid is absolutely stunning. Really good, more than I expected. Rolf
It looks exactly like the thing I need. Great job! Tony
I used your components for my application and it is very good, your thumbs ListView is fantastic. Johnny
Your Multi-field Funnel filter works very fine. It's great fun to work with your components. Dirk
For what it’s worth, I think you could charge more for your component set. They’re really useful and I think are pretty cheap for all the functionality that they add. Tom
Thank you very much for your continuous support, components and StyleHook. Dmitry
I really enjoy your components and service. Keep it up. Johan
Thank you very much for great support. Jouni
I am more then happy with all the functions. Never thought about using more then just the rDBGrid. Now I am sorting with zeos sorter, saving the programs props with propsaver, exporting, filtering, and much more with the rDBAction. Thank you for the brillant job and for the pricing. It is absolutely worth the money and the time needed to get into it. Frank