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Universal DB Components - how to migrate between ADO dbGo, DBX dbExpress, IB Interbase, ZEOS

Step 1 - UDB components installation

  • 1a/ Remove previous UDB package from Delphi (Component - Install packages - select Rosi UniversalDB package - Remove
  • 1b/ Open UDB package according used dataset type (open RosiComp2010_UDBADO.dpk or RosiComp2010_UDBDBX.dpk or RosiComp2010_UDBFIB.dpk or RosiComp2010_UDBIB.dpk or RosiComp2010_UDBZEOS.dpk)
  • 1c/ Rebuild package (must!)
  • 1d/ Install package, new UDB components will be installed (add path to UDB components to Library path in Delphi)

Step 2 - UDB Demo application

  • 2a/ Open application according used dataset type (open UDBTest_ADO.dpr or UDBTest_DBX.dpr or UDBTest_FIB.dpr or UDBTest_ZEOS.dpr)
  • 2b/ Rebuild
  • 2c/ Run (Firebird local server must be installed for DBX, FIB, ZEOS)

Step 3 - Any other application using UDB components

  • 3a/ Create new application
  • 3b/ Add compiler directive according used dataset type (Project - Options - Delphi Compiler - Conditional defines, add text UseADO or UseDBX or UseIB or UseFIB or UseZEOS)
  • 3c/ Add UDB components to Forms and Datamodule
  • 3d/ Set SQL commands and new properties
  • 3e/ Compile and Run

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