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StringGrid with columns definition, new picklist types, checkbox and custom drawing

rStringGridEd is enhanced StringGrid component with possibility to define columns properties like in DBGrid. Each column defines data type, editor and many new properties. StringGrid supports many new editors and custom drawing of cells or drop down list items.

New properties and functions:

  • column or cell EditStyle (Text, Dropdown, Dropdown list, Dropdown CheckList, DropDownImageList new Color pick list, Date picker, Checkbox, Ellipsis button, cell Button)
  • column or cell DataType (Text, Integer, Numeric, Date, Time) with definable numeric Display Format and Min Max values
  • column or cell Font, Colors, Alignment and other visual properties
  • gradient color and 3D look for fixed cells
  • Range select, Copy/Paste function to/from MS Excel
  • Save to file and Load from file functions
  • Data sorting function
  • drag and drop support
  • shows complete text as hint for truncated text in cell
  • provides automatic changing of columns width after dblclick on boundary of title cell (autofit)
  • introduces events for getting cell properties (EditStyle, DataType, CanEdit, PickList, Font, BkColor) including showing of glyphs in the call according to the cell value new
  • introduces events for drawing on active row/cell and for custom drawing of DropDown list items
  • and many more...

Descendant rDBStringGridEd add database functions to this StringGrid.

Example of rStringGridEd:

One column properties of rStringGridEd:

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