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dfm_localize Delphi Form Localizer

Powerful tool which can read all resource strings from DFM files, translate them to target language and store back to DFM files. Tool automatically fill dictionary with all translations so once translated text can be used in other form or project and will be translated too.
  • dictionary for unlimited number of languages is shared for all forms and projects, same text is translated only once even is used in many places
  • smart reading of resources – tool trims special chars before translation and add it back to translated text
  • definable list of exceptions – Forms, Properties or Values which cannot be translated
  • user friendly interface, fast sorting, filtering, dictionary export / import
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db_export_import DB Export/Import/Generate data tool

Simple but powerful tool allows connect to any database and export data, import data from any source, generate new demo or random data, generate SQL scripts or generate and run any SQL command.
  • quick connection to any database using defined UDL files
  • universal export dialog to XLS, SLK, TXT
  • universal Import data wizard which can import data from any source, define link between source and destination field and import or update data
  • universal Data generation wizard which can generate random data or data according prepared lists in demodata.mdb database
  • universal tool to generate INSERT or UPDATE sql script file
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db_compare_update Access MDB Database comparison and update

Set of applications provide all functions for distributing update of MS Access database file on customer side.
  • tool compares old and new version of database file and create list of changes
  • tool contain prepared EXE application and DLL which update MDF file on customer side
  • no need to transfer database from / to customer for update, distribute only update tool
  • allows you to distribute new version of your database application very easily and without interruption of service
  • update table structure, queries, relations and data
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rtf_doc_pdf RTF-DOC-PDF batch converter

Tool for batch conversion of documents formats.
  • batch conversion for whole directory or selected files only
  • many command line parameters for calling from BAT file or from another application
  • simple user interface
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barcode BarCode generator

Tool for generation of any types of 2D barcodes.
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