All Types

Name Unit Description
TBackupCallBack rDBImport


TChangeMasterDetailProc rDBFind

Callback procedure for changing of master-detail relationship during searching

TConfigPDFPrinter RTFRep_DialogEx

Information record for dialog, define dialog events and properties

TConnectionEvent ADOConWizard


TConnectionEvents ADOConWizard

Defines events when error dialog can be shown

TDataSetListEx RTFRep_DialogEx

List of datasets for one report

TDlgAutoAction RTFRep_DialogEx


TFieldRecArray rdbtool_MDB


TFindDefDetailArr rDBFind


TGetOtherActionState dm_rdbaction


TIndexRecArray rdbtool_MDB


TOnGetDBFilePassword ADOConWizard

Procedure is called before connecting to obtain User and Password to file

TOnInfo ADOConWizard

Procedure is called for each step in connection, action is described by "Info" string

TOnLoginUser ADOConWizard

Procedure is called after connecting to DB before opening of tables, so it allows to make user logon; if parameter Logon is changed to false, DB is disconnected

TOnOpenTables ADOConWizard

Procedure is called after user logon, so it allows to open all tables; if parameter Opened is changed to false, DB is disconnected

TProviderType ADOConWizard


TQueryDefArray rdbtool_MDB


TRelationRecArray rdbtool_MDB


TRunOtherAction dm_rdbaction


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