All Constants

Name Unit Description
BCCheckSumType AsBarCode_interface


BCdata AsBarCode_interface

array with definitions of all barcodes

cColWidthPixelRatioDefault rXLSExport

ratio between width/height and pixels

cComboBoxItemHeightDefault rImprovedComps


cDBComboBoxItemHeightDefault rImprovedComps


cDOCXBold rXMLReport


cDOCXItalic rXMLReport


cDOCXStrikeOut rXMLReport


cDOCXUnderline rXMLReport


cFldTypeNormal rXLSExport


cFldTypePicture rXLSExport


cGradientStandardSteps rpictool

define number of steps for gradient background

cInlineFormatConvert rXMLReport


cListBoxItemHeightDefault rImprovedComps


ColorDefCustomIdx rpictool


ColorDefExtendedCount rpictool


ColorDefStandardCount rpictool


ColorsDefArr rpictool

define array of color records

cPicCopy rImageZoom


cPicCut rImageZoom


cPicEdit rImageZoom


cPicInfo rImageZoom


cPicLoadFromFile rImageZoom


cPicNone rImageZoom

popup menu indexes, used by rDBComponents too

cPicPaste rImageZoom


cPicResize rImageZoom


cPicSaveInJpgFormat rImageZoom


cPicSaveToFile rImageZoom


cPicZoomFit rImageZoom


cPicZoomIn rImageZoom


cPicZoomOut rImageZoom


cRowHeightPixelRatioDefault rXLSExport


cStrEOL RosiCompGlobalCfg

global constant

cSummaryTag_AVG rDBGrid


cSummaryTag_CountAll rDBGrid


cSummaryTag_CountNull rDBGrid


cSummaryTag_CountVal rDBGrid


cSummaryTag_Max rDBGrid


cSummaryTag_Min rDBGrid


cSummaryTag_Prefix rDBGrid

constans used as TAG for summary text in title content popup and for footer row

cSummaryTag_SelAVG rDBGrid


cSummaryTag_SelCountAll rDBGrid


cSummaryTag_SelCountNull rDBGrid


cSummaryTag_SelCountVal rDBGrid


cSummaryTag_SelMax rDBGrid


cSummaryTag_SelMin rDBGrid


cSummaryTag_SelSum rDBGrid


cSummaryTag_Sum rDBGrid


DataImagesFieldCfg rDBGrid


FieldListSep rDBGrid


FrmNoWordWrap rHTMLLabel


GraphicTypeLabel rpictool

define name array of graphics types

GroupHeaderSep rDBGrid


grrColumnWidth rDBGrid

constants used by BeforeScanDataset and AfterScanDataset events to indicate reason of dataset scan

grrCopyData rDBGrid


grrLoadFilterList rDBGrid


grrLoadPickList rDBGrid


grrQuickLookup rDBGrid


grrSummaryCalc rDBGrid


JPEGDefaultQuality rpictool

define standard JPEG quality, used by WritePictureToField, 0..100 100=best quality but large file

LangVer rstring


LangVerCZ rstring


maxDS RTFReport2


maxDS rXMLReport


mnAppendTable rstring


mnClearTable rstring


mnCopyCell rstring


mnCopyTable rstring


mnDelRow rstring


mnDeselectAll rstring


mnMoveDownRow rstring


mnMoveUpRow rstring


mnPasteCell rstring


mnPasteTable rstring


mnSelectAll rstring


mnSelectCell rstring


mnSelectCol rstring


mnSelectRow rstring


rActualDateAbr RosiCompGlobalCfg


rcEditCopy rtool


rcEditCut rtool


rcEditDelete rtool


rcEditFind rtool


rcEditFindNext rtool


rcEditPaste rtool


rcEditSelectAll rtool


rcEditSelectFont rtool


rcEditSep rtool


rcEditUndo rtool


rDBFilter_SetFilterTextEventID RosiCompGlobalCfg


rDBFilter_SetValueTextEventID RosiCompGlobalCfg


rDBForms_FormActivateEventID RosiCompGlobalCfg


rDBForms_FormCloseEventID RosiCompGlobalCfg


rDBForms_FormShowEventID RosiCompGlobalCfg


rDefBoolValue RosiCompGlobalCfg


rGroupBoxDefFrame RosiCompGlobalCfg

default values

rGroupBoxDefSeparator RosiCompGlobalCfg


rGroupBoxHorizontalAlignmentStr rImprovedComps


rGroupBoxVerticalAlignmentStr rImprovedComps


rHTMLHintImageTag RosiCompGlobalCfg


RosiCompConfig_Auto RosiCompGlobalCfg

configuration constant

RosiCompConfig_Off RosiCompGlobalCfg


RosiCompConfig_On RosiCompGlobalCfg


RosiCompPackVer RosiComp_splash


rPageExSpace RosiCompGlobalCfg


rRunFile RosiCompGlobalCfg


rRunHTTP RosiCompGlobalCfg


rRunMailTo RosiCompGlobalCfg


sAbort rstring


sAborted rstring


sAllOK rstring


sBlobChangeExtQ rstring


sBlobClear rstring


sBlobFileOverLimitQ rstring


sBlobLoad rstring


sBlobOpen rstring


sBlobRename rstring


sBlobSave rstring


sBrowsing rstring


sBtCancel rstring


sBtNo rstring


sBtOk rstring


sBtYes rstring


sCancel rstring


sCancelQ rstring


sCellParamsActAND rstring


sCellParamsActOR rstring


sCellParamsActSet rstring


sCellParamsCondAllways rstring


sCellParamsCondContain rstring


sCellParamsCondErr rstring


sCellParamsCondNotContain rstring


sCellParamsCondNotStart rstring


sCellParamsCondStart rstring


sChangeFont rstring


sChecking rstring


sColorAqua rstring


sColorAquaLoc rstring


sColorBlack rstring


sColorBlackLoc rstring


sColorBlue rstring


sColorBlueLoc rstring


sColorCream rstring


sColorCreamLoc rstring


sColorCustom rstring


sColorCustomLoc rstring


sColorFuchsia rstring


sColorFuchsiaLoc rstring


sColorGray rstring


sColorGrayLoc rstring


sColorGreen rstring


sColorGreenLoc rstring


sColorLime rstring


sColorLimeLoc rstring


sColorMaroon rstring


sColorMaroonLoc rstring


sColorMedGray rstring


sColorMedGrayLoc rstring


sColorMoneyGreen rstring


sColorMoneyGreenLoc rstring


sColorNavy rstring


sColorNavyLoc rstring


sColorOlive rstring


sColorOliveLoc rstring


sColorPurple rstring


sColorPurpleLoc rstring


sColorRed rstring


sColorRedLoc rstring


sColorSilver rstring


sColorSilverLoc rstring


sColorSkyBlue rstring


sColorSkyBlueLoc rstring


sColorTeal rstring


sColorTealLoc rstring


sColorWhite rstring


sColorWhiteLoc rstring


sColorYellow rstring


sColorYellowLoc rstring


sCompressDataErr rstring


sConnectDataErr rstring


sConnecting rstring


sContinueQ rstring


sCopy rstring


sCreateDataErr rstring


sCreating rstring


sCreatingReport rstring


sCreatingReportErr rstring


sCut rstring


sDateIntervalErr rstring


sDay rstring


sDecodeDataErr rstring


sDelete rstring


sDeleteOldFileErr rstring


sDeleteQ rstring


sDeleteSelectedRecords rstring


sDelMultipleRecordQ rstring


sDelRecordQ rstring


sDeselectAllRecords rstring


sDirExist rstring


sDirNotFound rstring


sDLLNotFound rstring


sEditInfo rstring


sEditing rstring


sEditRecordErr rstring


sEndEditing rstring


sError rstring


sErrorDescription rstring


sExportDataErr rstring


sExporting rstring


sExpressionErr rstring


sFile rstring


sFileExist rstring


sFileGeneration rstring


sFileNotFound rstring


sFileOpenErr rstring


sFileOpenErr2 rstring


sFileOpenQ rstring


sFilePrintErr rstring


sFileSaved rstring


sFileSaveErr rstring


sFileSaveErr2 rstring


sFileTypeAll rstring


sFileTypeBMP rstring


sFileTypeBMPJPG rstring


sFileTypeBMPJPGPNG rstring


sFileTypeDBF rstring


sFileTypeDOC rstring


sFileTypeDOCX rstring


sFileTypeJPG rstring


sFileTypeMDB rstring


sFileTypeODT rstring


sFileTypePDF rstring


sFileTypePNG rstring


sFileTypeRTF rstring


sFileTypeSLK rstring


sFileTypeSQL rstring


sFileTypeTXT rstring


sFileTypeXLS rstring


sFilterName rstring


sFilterNullValue rstring


sFilterSelectAll rstring


sFilterString rstring


sFind rstring


sFindNext rstring


sFormatAsNumberedList rstring


sFormatAsUnnumberedList rstring


sFormatBold rstring


sFormatClear rstring


sFormatDateErr rstring


sFormatHorLine rstring


sFormatHTMLLink rstring


sFormatInfo rstring


sFormatItalic rstring


sFormatNewLine2 rstring


sFormatNewLineAuto rstring


sFormatNewPage rstring


sFormatNumberErr rstring


sFormatUnderline rstring


sFormatYearErr rstring


sFound rstring


sfSimpleFld rdbtool


sHalf rstring


sImportDataErr rstring


sImporting rstring


sInactive rstring


sIndicatorColumnName rstring


sInformation rstring


sInitialize rstring


sInput rstring


sInputErr rstring


sInputItemName rstring


sInserting rstring


sLoadFromFile rstring


sLoading rstring


sLogging rstring


sLookingFor rstring


sMailErr rstring


sMailGenInfo rstring


sMakeDirErr rstring


smAttachedFile rMapiMail


smBlindCopyTo rMapiMail


smBody rMapiMail


smConfirmCounter rMapiMail


smCopyTo rMapiMail


smIniFile rMapiMail


smNextMail rMapiMail


sMonth rstring


smRunFile rMapiMail

batch mail application constant

smSendTo rMapiMail


sMSExcelError rstring


sMSExcelNotFound rstring


sMSExcelRunningToClose rstring


smShowDialog rMapiMail


smSubject rMapiMail


sMSWordError rstring


sMSWordNotFound rstring


sNo rstring


sNoRecordsSelected rstring


sNoSavedItems rstring


sNotFound rstring


sNotImplement rstring


sNotRegist rstring


sNotSupported rstring


sNumRecords rstring


sOfData rstring


sOK rstring


sOpenDataErr rstring


sOpenLastFileQ rstring


sOpenOtherFileQ rstring


sOpenTableErr rstring


sOverwriteQ rstring


sPaste rstring


sPDFConfiguration rstring


sPDFConfigurationErr rstring


sPDFWaitAgainQ rstring


sPicConvert rstring


sPicConvertAllQ rstring


sPicConvertBMP1 rstring


sPicConvertBMPAll rstring


sPicConvertJPG1 rstring


sPicConvertJPGAll rstring


sPicConvertProcess rstring


sPictureCorrupted rstring


sPictureEmpty rstring


sPictureErr rstring


sPictureResize rstring


sPMAvg rstring


sPMCountAll rstring


sPMCountNull rstring


sPMCountVal rstring


sPMMax rstring


sPMMin rstring


sPMSum rstring


sPrinterNotFound rstring


sPrinting rstring


sPrintPreviewLimit rstring


sPrintRecCount rstring


sPrintToomuchCols rstring


sQuarter rstring


sQuestion rstring


sRaiseErr rstring


sReadDataErr rstring


sRecord rstring


sReport rstring


sResizeRatioQ rstring


sReverseSelection rstring


sRuntimeErr rstring


sSaveChangesQ rstring


sSaveDataErr rstring


sSaveInJPEGFormat rstring


sSaveRecordErr rstring


sSaveToFile rstring


sSelectAll rstring


sSelectAllRecords rstring


sSelectedNumRecContinueQ rstring


sSelRecords rstring


sSetDefaultValues rstring


sShowPicEdit rstring


sSortDataErr rstring


sTemplateBracketErr rstring


sTemplateCalculationErr rstring


sTemplateDatasetErr rstring


sTemplateFieldErr rstring


sTemplateFormatErr rstring


sTemplateIncorrectTag rstring


sTemplateInsertTableErr rstring


sTemplateTagNotFoundErr rstring


sTerminate rstring


sTerminateQ rstring


sTryAgainQ rstring


sUndo rstring


sUseChangesQ rstring


sUseFilterQ rstring


sVersion rstring


sWaiting rstring


sWarning rstring


sWrongPsw rstring


sYear rstring


sYes rstring


sZoom rstring


sZoomAutoFit rstring


sZoomIn rstring


sZoomOut rstring


UseUnicodeTag RTFReport2


xlAllBorders rXLSExport


xlContinuous rXLSExport

Line type

xlCSV rXLSExport




xlCSVWindows rXLSExport


xlDash rXLSExport


xlDashDot rXLSExport


xlDashDotDot rXLSExport


xlDiagonalDown rXLSExport


xlDiagonalUp rXLSExport


xlDot rXLSExport


xlDouble rXLSExport


xlEdgeBottom rXLSExport


xlEdgeLeft rXLSExport


xlEdgeRight rXLSExport


xlEdgeTop rXLSExport


xlExcel12 rXLSExport


xlExcel8 rXLSExport


xlExcel9795 rXLSExport


xlHairline rXLSExport

Cell Borders

xlInsideHorizontal rXLSExport


xlInsideVertical rXLSExport


xlLandscape rXLSExport

Constants for enum XlPageOrientation

xlLineStyleNone rXLSExport


xlMedium rXLSExport


xlOpenDocumentSpreadsheet rXLSExport


xlOpenXMLWorkbook rXLSExport


xlOpenXMLWorkbookMacroEnabled rXLSExport


xlPortrait rXLSExport


xlSlantDashDot rXLSExport


xlSYLK rXLSExport

XlFileFormat Enumeration (Excel) see for full list

xlTemplate rXLSExport


xlTextWindows rXLSExport


xlThick rXLSExport


xlThin rXLSExport


xlUnicodeText rXLSExport


xlWorkbookNormal rXLSExport


xlXMLSpreadsheet rXLSExport


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